For adults

The size of the plateau of the adult beret is 28 cm. It is extensible thanks to its unique manufacturing process and the stretch wool material. One size fits all heads. very easily, it can even grow a few centimeters, working the edge of the beret between your thumbs.

The adult size is suitable for both men and women.

For more information :

1. If you have a very small head (eg below 55 cm head circumference) you can choose the child size.

2. How to take your head? For those who love precision, measuring your head circumference is just as easy as wearing a beret. Using a flexible tape measure or a string of lace that you will then place well above the eyebrows and ears, then take the measurement of the head circumference.

For Kids

The size of the tray of the child beret is 25 cm. As in adults the head entrance is also extensible, the wool adapts to the head circumference.

As we never know the exact size of a child's head, in the case of a gift for example, we recommend the choice of the child model between 3 to 8 years. Then it would be better to try.

For more information :

1. If your child has a rather big head (which happens! ... unfortunately that does not mean anything about his future intellectual abilities) you can choose the adult size, it is the advice that will be given to you above 55 cm around the head. 2. And how to take a turn, it's simple, using a flexible tape measure or a lace, you place it well above the eyebrows and ears, the wider, that you will give the measure of the head circumference. 3. Teens will be able to choose the adult size.

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