How do we make a french beret ?

Step 1 : Knitting and checking! 

Our beret are made of merinos wool, we receive it from a French spinning. We receive the already dyed thread so we can be creative in our variations of pattern. This is how we can make a red Cabillou, marinieres, etc. our knitting machines allow us to knit a beret every ten minutes.

We have developed specific programs for our models and continue creating constantly new ones.  After this crucial and longest step, our seamstresses have to check each beret to remove the impurities with tweezers, pick up any holes, by hand, in an invisible way before going to the coot. Previously, it was the shepherdesses who knitted while keeping their sheep. The small tail called the Cabillou is the end of the beret.


Step 2 : The Coot!

The Coot is the essential part of the manufacturing. It is our master rancher with his recipes and know-how that allows to produce a real beret. This machine allows to felt the berets (transformation of the felt wool). We check how the beret reacts every 45 minutes in order to reach the desired size and rendering. Depending on the colors, the duration of the fulling can last from 3 to 16 hours.

Long time ago, the fulling was made with large wooden machines where we put 50 berets, a kind of big wooden hoof rub the beret between 18 and 20 hours.

Step 3 : Forming and drying!

As soon as we get out of the coot, they put the berets one by one in a copper steam bell. This allows the berets to be shaped more easily one by one by hand and to create its hem. A difficult step because the beret is burning. Then they are put in a drying cabinet, drying time varies until a whole night. Once ready, our artisans remove the shape of each beret and that is when they have finally their shape and their final size. 

Step 4 : The Shaving! 

Shaving is the essential step in finishing the beret. After having deformed them one by one, the berets are scraped and shaved for a smooth and uniform appearance. 

Step 5 : The final verifications!

Our berets are almost ready! They must pass through the experts’ hands to detect any last impurity and the slightest defect. 

Step 6 : Last finishings!

Our berets are all validated now we have to sew the labels on the berets and add the lining on the berets mode. Then, our berets are ready to be shipped to France and all over the world !


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