As a rule, the beret cannot be washed, so you have two options:

- Either entrust the beret to a professional cleaner

- Or you can clean it yourself: the little tricks: "With a piece of sticky paper like packing tape, dab your beret. The impurities will stick to the adhesive and the beret will become clean. Or with the palm of your hand dampened with water, rub the surface of the beret. The dust will gather in a ball and the beret will be clean.

The Little Tips of the Beret® :

In any case, if you dampen it to clean it, or if you have worn it in the rain, the trick in Béarn is to slip a plate of the right size (28 cm in diameter) into it, and put it on the radiator. It will be like new again!

For perspiration, you can use a mini drop of washing powder by hand with a little water on an old toothbrush. And brush, but don't get it too wet, it must not be soaked with product or water. Then insert a plate in it by respecting the hem then to pass the vapor to the iron and to brush very delicately and to let dry well with the plate in it one whole night. Translated with (free version)

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