The story of the One Line beret: An accident that led to unexpected success

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The One Line beret, behind its elegant appearance and growing popularity, has a surprising history. This model, like many of today's success stories in every field from penicillin to tarte Tatin, owes its existence to a manufacturing error!

It all began in our workshop, on an ordinary day, when we forgot to change the color of a remaillage thread. The result was the inadvertent creation of a unique pattern: a simple line that crossed the beret in an elegant and discreet manner.

We quickly realized the mistake, stopped knitting, but decided anyway, just to see, to finish them by going to the fuller.... And take them to a trade show a few weeks later. And what a surprise: a few large customers ask us to put this beret in the catalog, seduced by its simplicity, minimalist aesthetic and touch of originality.

Today, the One Line beret is available in the catalog in 4 colors, light blue, taupe and dark purple, and we've just launched the brand-new One Line black with red lines, to suit all tastes and outfits.

What could have been considered an insignificant flaw has become a real success, testifying to the fact that sometimes, success lies in imperfections, and that mistakes can lead to unexpected discoveries and successes!!!!

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